9-19-09 Share your thoughts on HW readings for Did the acceptance of women's suffrage represent a fundamental shift in Americans' views of women and their role in society

Smoke Signals due Wednesday 2/4
Assignment 3 10/4/08 - Due 10/10/08: Zinn Chapter 5 Response:
How does this chapter support the phrase, “It was a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight”? Do you agree or disagree with this belief? How and why?Do you believe that this phrase is applicable to today’s American army? How and why? Remember to read and respond to your classmates posts. ||

9-27-08 The following will help you revise your thesis (link will help with paper). Post your thesis if you would like your peers to offer advice and or edit.
Do not leave the reader thinking "So What?" after reading your thesis! Your goal is an exemplary thesis statement and an exemlary thesis is complex.
To determine whether your thesis is simple or complex ask the following:
Is it debatable
* A simple thesis proves an obvious, nondebatable idea.
  • A complex thesis proves a fresh, debatable idea.
Does it tackle difficult questions?
* A simple thesis rests with easy answers.
  • A complex thesis explores difficult territory.
Does it progress?
* A simple thesis repeats the same idea.
  • A complex thesis progresses through several steps.
Does it matter?
* A simple thesis doesn't matter.
  • A complex thesis matters

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Assignment 2: Maintaining Order in Colonial Society Due Friday 9/19 1:00 pm

Why was it that most of the accusers in Salem were adolescent girls and most of those they first accused women of middle age or older? What, if anything, might that indicate about the conflicts experienced by young women coming of age in early New England? About their relationships with their mothers and other mature female relatives? On the other hand, there were the magistrates and ministers, men of middle age and older who credited the girls’ accusations. What might account for their willingness to believe that seemingly respectable and godly women in Salem Village were guilty of witchcraft?


Assignment 1:
Zinn A Peoples' History Chapter Three: Servitude and Rebellion

Question One:
How does Zinn support his belief that "class lines hardened through the colonial period" (47)? Your thoughts?

Question Two:**
Do you agree or disagree with Howard Zinn's belief that the elite purposely turned poor whites against the Indians and Blacks, as well as Indians and Blacks against each other, " for the securiy of the elite" (54)?