2/6/2009 - Thesis Post/Edit : Post your Thesis from the in-class assignment and use peer suggestions to revise; Write a thesis for the HW DBQ and post for peer edit. Bring final draft of both to class Tuesday.

Assignment 4: FRQ Post Due 11/13: 1. Post your position and bullet support you will use 2. Construct a complex thesis statement 3. Edit your peers thesis statements offering constructive criticism (refer to FRQ rubric) 4. Check support lists and offer suggestions/changes if the evidence does not clearly support the identified position.
Assignment 3: Posted 10/4/08 Due 10-10 @10 am
Construct a competent thesis statement for the following prompt: To what extent was the United States in a crisis under the Articles of Confederation or was this “crisis” exaggerated by the Federalists? You must comment, edit and give suggestion to at least 3 of your classmates responses. Assignment 2: Posted 9/17/08 Construct a competant thesis statement for the following prompt:

To what extent and in what ways did the British North American Colonies develop a unique American Cultural identity by 1763? You must edit/comment/suggestions for two classmate's thesis statements. Due 9/19/08 at 10:00 am DBQ Rubric

Assignment 1. Share you thoughts and then construct a competent a thesis statement for the following: Support or refute Howard Zinn's contention that "the colonies...were societies of contending classes" (A Peoples History page 50). You should consider your class mates responses and thesis statements as tools for improvement. You must comment, edit and give suggestions to at least one posted thesis statement.